S T A R  F O R  L I F E 

Book design and Layout

 D e s i g n i n g  a n  e x e r c i s e  

m a n u a l  p r o m o t i n g  s e x u a l  

e d u c a t i o n  i n  r u r a l  a r e a s

The Star for Life manual was one of our first projects as Set Sail. We were tasked with designing the entire 112 page manual, including certain illustrations and cartoon generation.


We sharpened our pencils and got to work – creating an exercise book to be used by nurses and social workers in the rural parts of South Africa, teaching children about sexual health. We designed the manual to be easy to navigate through,  easy to understand and appropriate for its audience.


Key Design Components




Cartoon generation



Star for life whole book
Star for Life 4 copy
Star for Life 1
Star for Life 3