B E A C O N  E A S T E R 

E G G S P L O R E R 

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Social Media Campaign

C r e a t i n g  a  s o c i a l  m e d i a  

c a m p a i g n  m a r k e t i n g  t h i s  

f u n,  f a m i l y  f r i e n d l y  e v e n t  

d u r i n g  t h e  E a s t e r  w e e k e n d.

The Beacon Easter Eggsplorer is a fun and family interactive event that takes part on the Easter weekend at the Durban Botanic Gardens. We were thrilled to take over the social media for the event, focusing on family fun, bright colours and physical activity. We kept our target audience – the parents – in mind, and emphasized all the different games and activities that would be run on the day. We wanted to focus on ‘getting outside’ and bonding with family and friends over  good chocolate fun. 


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easter eggsplorer

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