D e s i g n  w i t h  a  

d e s t i n a t i o n  

i n  m i n d.

We are a Durban based design studio focused on direction.

Design that is informed by an understanding of how a brand starts and where it intends to go. It’s strategy at it’s core and it captains us with everything that we do with drive, passion and dynamite. 

Welcome to Set Sail.


S C R O L L 

I t ‘ s  a  c u l m i n a t i o n  

o f  t h i n g s . . .

Our approach to design is an expert balance of art, focus, strategy, experience, value and trends. In our constant pursuit of excellence we ensure that we keep these factors at the forefront of what we do so that we are always learning,  adapting and continually growing.


W h y  c h o o s e  u s ?

T h e  e x t r a  m i l e


We always include going the extra in our design journey. Going above and beyond is second nature to us and always ensures an element of excellence in our work and a high quality experience with our clients.


T r a n s p a r e n c y


We strive for transparency and clarity in our design processes. Our clients are informed at every step of the way during projects and are consulted at set feedback points. This ensures accountability on our part and that we deliver the work timeously.


P u r p o s e


An essential component of design is strategic thinking. Everything design decision made has significant  research, thought and planning involved. That is every colour, font, platform , orientation – you name it, we’ll explain it. This ensures that whatever the message is, its speaking to the right people and inspiring action.


F i r e


What would we do without passion, love and fire for our craft? Moving backwards. Having the fire ensures that we are always pushing the boundaries, learning new things, changing what doesn’t work and adapting to the future.